Anth’s R32 GTR

Anthony brought his R32 GTR over the week before World Time Attack Challenge to get the fab work on his freshly built RB26 sorted so he could display it on the Aeroflow trade stand.


We made up his intake and intercooler piping, dump pipe, twin screamer pipes, catch can, mounted him oil cooler, fuse box mounted, fuel cell and bunch of other bits and pieces.



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No replacement for displacement.

We recently built one of our Stage 3 RB30 bottom ends for George’s mint S15 200SX after he spun a bearing in his RB26.
With Nitto internals, a baffled sump, billet oil pump, ARP head studs and a Tomei head gasket it’s more than capable of copping anything the Precision 6266 can feed it.





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The guys over at Street Cover had Brodie and Jayson take out their GTRs for some time in front of the camera. Check out the full feature here and the awesome pics below.












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The Gun

Here are some pics of Jayson’s R33 GTR we put together a little while ago.
It’s running a Mick’s Motorsport built RB26/30
HKS T51R turbo kit
Haltech Platinum Pro Plug in ECU with flex fuel sensor and oil and fuel pressure sensors
Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps and 2000cc injectors
NPC billet twin plate clutch
PAR synchro dog box






The car came in as a rolling shell so we fit the engine and gearbox then fabricated intercooler, intake and exhaust plumbing.
The car was then sent off to Mick’s Motorsports for a run in tune which made 400kw on 17psi.

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Kyle’s J3TLAG R32

As most people probably know our old R32 Skyline knows as 2GU UP was stripped, sold and rebuilt from the ground up.

Well here is the finished Product which Kyle has given the name J37LAG.
The car received a bare metal respray in R35 GTR Titanium Grey and a fresh back leather interior.

The running gear consists of a built RB26, race spec cylinder head, T88 turbo with customised internals and a PAR 5 speed dog box. A Haltech Platinum Pro plug in ECU controls show including the flex fuel setup.

The car made 595kw (790hp) at the rear wheels on 33psi.



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Brodie’s R34 GTR

Over the last 12 months we have been developing Brodie’s R34 GTR into a consistent 10 second street car.

BK1990 HPI1 BK1990 HPI2 BK1990 HPI3 BK1990 HPI4
The goal was to run 10 second passes exactly the way the car is driven on the street, no weight reduction, no fancy wheels and tyres, just drive it to the track, run a hand full of 10 seconds passes and drive home.

The car has received a Nitto 2.7L bottom end and race spec cylinder head with all the bells and whistles.
The turbo is a Precision 6766, it also uses a Haltech Platinum Pro plug in ECU and flex fuel setup.

The car made 501kw at all 4 wheels on 27psi then with a new intercooler 554w on 33psi and at a private drag day ran 9 passes at the 10.7-10.8 second mark.

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FUUARK S14 is alive

Troy’s FUUARK S14 Silvia is ready for the street after a complete ground up rebuild.

With one of our Stage 2 SR20 engines, a Precision 5858 setup, Haltech Pro plug in and E85 fuel making 355kw at the treads on it’s initial tune, it sure is a handful on the street.

A fresh paint job, new interior, and detailed engine bay complete the freshen up.

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How a Dahtone Racing Stage One RB26 is born.

We recently built one of our Stage One RB26 engines for an R33 GT-R so we thought we would document it so everyone could see what goes into one of our built engines.

Chemical cleaned engine block, on the stand she goes.


Machine hone and finish hone.


Crankshaft polished, balanced and grub screwed.


Factory con rods with ARP bolts, Nitto pistons and ACL race series bearings.


Bottom end assembled with the parts above, new core plugs and fresh lick of paint.


Full cylinder head service.

ARP head studs fitted, Nitto head gasket and cylinder head fitted.


That’s the basic idea of what goes on behind one of our stage one engines.
They also include billet oil pump gears, Tomei sump baffles and our own internal oil control mods.
From here all the bolt ons are fitted along with new gaskets, seals, timing belt kit and water pump.
Then the engine is fitted to the car, run in on the dyno, fully tuned and delivered to the customer ready to drive.
This kind of engine will support up to 600hp at the wheels.

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Body mods for our GTR

We finally got cracking on getting the exterior mods on our R32 GT-R done.

It begins with an N1 front bumper with a carbon fibre Abflug splitter.
Next were a pair of N1 side skirts and we made up some custom carbon fibre skirt extensions.

The carbon extensions even out the height of the sides with the front perfectly.

Finally a set of D-Speed clear indicators replace the standard amber ones giving the car a much fresher look.




We also gave the old girl some updated badges with an R35 GT-R boot badge and R34 GT-R front guard badges.


Stay tuned as the engine mods are about to begin, we will be chasing a 10 second time slip while retaining the stock bottom end with this car.

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RB25 S13

Here are some photos of an S13 Silvia with an RB25 conversion we recently finished working on.
We did the conversion wiring as well as a full wire tuck and the stainless steel intercooler piping.


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