Brodie's first attempt

Brodie's 550kw R34 GTR streeter is packed with all the good gear. Nitto 2.7L stroker kit, Precision 6766 turbo, Haltech Platinum Pro plug in ECU and extra sensors to keep everything running perfect. The car ran a best time of 10.7 @ 136mph with a couple issues on the day but Brodie has since bit the bullet and decided to rebuild the whole car from the ground up so keep an eye out for the next version.

790hp Jet

Kyle's J3TLAG R32 Skyline was a ground up build we completed, from a bare metal respray, full interior re-trim, engine and gearbox package, fabrication, fuel system and all electronics to make everything work.

MR026 is no longer 2.6L

We recently built one of our Stage 3 RB30 bottom ends for George’s mint S15 200SX after he spun a bearing in his RB26. With Nitto internals, a baffled sump, billet oil pump, ARP head studs and a Tomei head gasket it’s more than capable of copping anything the Precision 6266 can feed it.

Anth's R32 GTR

Anthony brought his R32 GTR over the week before World Time Attack Challenge to get the fab work on his freshly built RB26 sorted so he could display it on the Aeroflow trade stand. We made up his intake and intercooler piping, dump pipe, twin screamer pipes, catch can, mounted his oil cooler, fuse box, fuel cell and bunch of other bits and pieces. Keep an eye out for this killer build.


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