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Dahtone Racing RB20/25/26 Billet engine mount

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Dahtone Racing billet engine mounts will directly replace the OEM left or right side engine mount on all AWD Skylines running RB20/25/26 engines and can be used on 2WD apart from R33 GTST series 2 and R34 GT/GTT if the top stud is replaced with a bolt.

RB engines are well known to tear the OEM rubber exhaust side engine mount when making more torque and power than standard as well as being driven hard.

Once the OEM mount fails the excessive engine movement under load will cause intercooler pipes to fail resulting in boost leaks and also the clutch fan to contact the fan shroud damaging both parts.

We recommend running one of these mounts on the exhaust side of the engine along with an OEM rubber mount on the intake side.

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