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Dahtone Racing RB20/25/30 extended and baffled sump

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As everyone knows, oil control is the achilles heel of any RB engine.

It’s for this reason that every RB engine needs a quality baffled sump to keep the engine oil around the pick up where it needs to be.

Our 2 wheel drive extended and baffled sumps are the perfect solution for your RB20, 25 or 30 engine.

With an approximate 7.5 Litre capacity while still utilising the standard oil pick up along with multiple baffle plates with rubber trap doors you can rest assured that you’re engine will pick up oil and not air.

We have also added -10AN fittings on both sides to allow for head drains, turbo drains, crank case breathers, catch can drain backs or whatever else you want to plumb to your sump.

These will also fit in S-Chassis vehicles albeit with an RB conversion sway bar (ie: GK Tech)

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