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Ferrea RB26 ultimate valve train package

AU$4 299.00
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Product Details

Ferrea Competition Plus valve train components are the best on the market for extreme duty applications.
So naturally they were the only option when we wanted to have a custom valve set made to suit shim-less RB26 cylinder head builds.

We have had our own custom long tip 1mm over size Competition Plus valves made for use with off the shelf Toyota buckets to delete the OEM shim under bucket setup.

Coupled with the Ferrea Competition Plus double valve spring kit, big rpm, high boost pressures, high cylinder pressures, ignition cut strategies and valve float are much less of an issue when running your engine at 10/10.

This complete kit includes:

  • Ferrea Competition Plus custom long tip 1mm over sized inlet and exhaust valves
  • Ferrea Competition Plus double valve springs (110lb seat pressure)
  • Ferrea Titanium retainers
  • Ferrea valve spring seats
  • Ferrea collets
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