The Reaper

In the never ending pursuit for high horse power figures, response is normally the sacrifice people make. Brett was never interested in making compromises when it came to his R34 GTR V-Spec II Nür. The goal was 800-850hp at the wheels with as little lag as possible and all the comforts of a daily driver. Being such a rare and valuable car we had to make sure the car could be returned to OEM spec with as little fuss as possible so that meant no cutting, drilling or modifying of the chassis or body.

The bottom end consists of a Nitto 3.2L stroker kit, Platinum Racing Products block brace/AWD adaptor plate along with ARP main studs, Nitto oil pump and a Hi Octane extended sump with Quaife LSD. The top end is where all the magic happens, starting with our top spec street CNC porting program, shimless valves and buckets, Supertech double spring and retainer kit and our custom HKS V-cam system.

A Precision 6870 turbo, 6boost exhaust manifold and Turbosmart 60mm waste-gate feed the engine 38 psi of boost through a Plazmaman single throttle inlet plenum.

Brett took the car to Dennis at Grim Performance for all the fab work and what an amazing job he has done. DVS Tuning handled the tuning and ECU side with a Haltech Elite 2500 running the show. The result was 820hp at the rear hubs on 38psi, the V-cam has allowed the car to have 30psi of boost from as early as 4000rpm in almost any gear. This gives the car a super strong midrange more like a supercharged car but with the top end of a turbo car. 300kw comes in at 4100rpm, 400kw at 4350rpm and 500kw at 4800. Who said you can't have big power from a single turbo and awesome response.


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