Another V-Cam Nür

It's no secret that we love working on special cars and completing one of a kind projects for our customers to the highest of standards.

This R34 GTR V-Spec II Nür is no exception, the aim was a super responsive, unassuming car that felt like a factory built, high quality, road car but with a whole lot more power.

With the rarity and the prices of these cars going through the roof we made sure everything done was 100% reversible so if at anytime the owner wanted the car to be reverted back to OEM spec it could be easily done.

We began with an N1 RB26 block, fitted a Platinum Racing Products block brace and Nitto 2.8L stroker kit. A JUN oil pump and Hi Octane Racing sump with Quaife front LSD round out the bottom end.

The cylinder head is one of our hand ported street spec heads along with our custom V-Cam system it gives this car all the amazing drivability that you only get with a true variable cam timing system.

Boost is supplied by a Precision 6466 turbo on a 6boost manifold and controlled by a Turbosmart 45mm external wastegate, while our Dahtone Racing HDI clamps keep the intercooler pipes sealed so there's never a need to worry about a silicone joiner blowing off under full boost.

A Haltech Elite 2500 runs the show with a tune by Jez from DVS Tuning, we run a host of pressure sensors, flex fuel sensor and CAN wideband O2 sensor to allow for a comprehensive engine protection setup and a Platinum Racing Products cam/crank trigger kit. The result is 520kw at the wheels on 33psi using E85 fuel and 397kw on 22psi on 98 octane. While the engine was out we had the engine bay painted by Sam at A1 Body repairs. All brackets and engine accessories were powder coated in a black texture while the cam covers were powder coated in a custom mix to replicate the OEM Nür cam cover colour, all done by Scott at Oxytech Powder Coating.

To finish off all fasteners were replaced with stainless allen head bolts, various new Nissan plastic clips and a pair of brand new genuine Nissan headlights.

With the car having plenty of power we turned our attention to the brakes and fitted a Brembo big brake kit consisting of 8 piston callipers up front and 4 piston callipers in the rear.

This is one awesome street car that has every department covered, it can be driven in traffic to work, it can be taken on long cruises, it's quiet, comfortable and most of all reliable. The perfect unassuming street car.

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